Raspberry Pi Grand Piano MIDI Sound Module

As part of my frankensynth-arduino project, I wanted a nice Grand Piano sound module and thought the Raspberry Pi would be a convenient device to set that up on. Someone has already come up with a solution for this here, but that was for Raspbian, and I'd rather do it on Arch.

After writing the latest ArchLinuxArm image (you can get it here) to the Raspberry Pi, log into the device using the username root and password root. Once you're there, do a full system update with the command pacman -Syu. This might take a while depending on how old the image you are using is. It's likely there have been some large changes in the update, so reboot by typing reboot.

We're going to be using the Salamander Grand Piano, which you can download from here. We're going to play this piano with LinuxSampler, which we need to get from the Arch User Repository (AUR). Install Yaourt, which is a package manager for the AUR, according to the instructions here. Note that to build packages, you'll also need to install base-devel with pacman -S base-devel Once you've done that, install the required packages with the following command: yaourt -S linuxsampler-svn alsa-utils